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Welcome to Bishop Sheen Rosaries!


A letter from the owner:

Bishop Sheen Rosaries did not have the most altruistic start, it probably isn't what you expect to hear but it is true! I didn't even plan to start selling rosaries, I just wanted to make a better rosary than my sister.

It all started when I saw a cord rosary my dad was praying with. I asked him where he got it, and he said it was from my older sister. It was beautiful, but I noticed that it seemed to look a little different. I asked him about it and he explained that my sister added an extra Our Father bead. He said, "I always use it to pray for the Pope, extra prayers never hurt!"

That got my competitive juices flowing. I wanted to make one just as beautiful, but with the correct number of beads! I also decided to make it masculine. When it turned out well, I started giving them as gifts. Everyone said they loved them, and told me to start selling them.

That is how Bishop Sheen Rosaries was born. Out of a desire to make high quality rosaries. I knew I was sick of having my chain rosary fall apart, but I didn't like the low quality feel of plastic bead rosaries. So we will always use either metal or Olive Wood beads and sturdy paracord.

Our logo says "Rosaries with a mission." The mission is not making the highest quality rosaries, that is just a product of our end goal. The true mission is two fold. They are:

1.) To provide 10,000 rosaries to the poor in Uganda. The people in Uganda have a deep devotion to Mary, but not everyone can afford a rosary to pray with. During my mission trip in Uganda I saw the need for this, and I knew that Bishop Sheen Rosaries could make a difference. Together we can provide 10,000 rosaries to Ugandan Individuals.

2.) To change our culture and show men the rosary is masculine. Men are told that being masculine and being proud to be Catholic are not good things. We work to counter that image, and show men that being masculine Catholics is something to strive for.

As always, thank you for supporting our mission. We could not do it without our brothers and sisters in Christ.

God Bless!

Brian Kearney