Bishop Sheen Rosary

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This rosary was inspired by the book, The Worlds First Love. This book is one of the best studies on Mary. It shows the deep love that Archbishop Sheen had for our Blessed Mother. 


This is our first design in our premium line. It uses parts that are custom made by In Via, a Catholic Rosary Shop in California. The owner has them made by a local manufacturer, and the quality of his rosary parts are far higher than anything else on the market. 


This rosary is the best we have ever made. Period. Each of our premium rosaries provides an entire month of food to a child in Uganda, rather than our typical two weeks. 


"When I started Bishop Sheen Rosaries, I knew that one day I would create a rosary that I would call the Bishop Sheen Rosary. This rosary is the one. I knew the second I created it." - Brian Kearney


Bishop Sheen Rosaries are all made to be durable, so they all have a lifetime warranty. If you are praying with them enough to wear through them, I will replace it, no questions asked.

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