Unplanned Rosary

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“Empowerment for me as a woman began the day that I handed in my resignation to Planned Parenthood” - Abby Johnson

The pro-life movement is not a partisan issue. It is a human right’s issue. At Bishop Sheen Rosaries we have decided we wanted to step up and join the fight. To do this we have partnered with Abby Johnson. Abby Johnson was a clinic director for Planned Parenthood until she saw an abortion procedure on an ultra-sound. In 2009 she handed in her resignation, and has been fighting to end abortion ever since. 20 percent of the profit from this rosary will go towards her ministry, And Then There Were None. This ministry meets the practical, emotional and spiritual needs of abortion workers that they reach out to and assist in their transition out of the abortion industry and into hope and healing in Christ. They have assisted over 350 workers to date including 7 full time abortion providing physicians who now advocate for life.

This rosary comes in your choice of two cord colors, fuchsia or light blue, one for baby girls lost to abortion, and one to baby boys lost to abortion. The crucifix on the end is special, and shows Mary hugging Jesus on the cross, this is to remind us that Mary is holding EVERY child lost to abortion. The center on this rosary is a Guardian Angel to remind us that there is a spiritual army on the side of pro-life, and we can pray to the Guardian Angels of every man, woman, and child, and abortion worker affected by abortion.

The following quote by Pamela Suresca from Students for Life of Illinois sums up how the rosary is the perfect prayer for the pro-life movement.

"In the Prolife movement we journey through the sorrow and pain of abortion, yet we celebrate new life and the strength of woman and men who choose life each day. The rosary is a reminder of the Blessed Mother, mother of all mothers who has walked before us through the unknown, through the fear, and through struggle." - Pamela Suresca