Veterans Rosary

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Society is against Catholicism. That is just  fact of the world we live in today. Society says that men who pray, men who care for their families, and men that look to their Lord are weak. Brothers, that is not weakness -- that is the ultimate strength!

The men and women who have served for God and Country deserve a rosary of the highest quality. Coming back from war can be hard on individuals, and our rosary is designed with this in mind. The cord for these rosaries is in the color of the campaign medals from three wars: Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan. This rosary will remind them that they have an entire church praying with and for them in their difficult transition.

This rosary, due to its paracord and bead construction is incredibly durable and great for carrying in a pocket. All of my paracord rosaries have a lifetime warranty, no questions asked! See store policies for details.