Catholic Combatant Rosary

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This rosary was inspired by the Battle of Lepanto, which is celebrated by the Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary on October 7th. This was a battle where, though hopelessly outnumbered, the Holy Roman Army was able to vanquish an army of Ottoman Turk invaders.

The ships that went to battle were loaded with traditional weapons, but they also had one spiritual weapon. Every man on board was given a rosary and prayed with their brothers in arms before the battle.

Hundreds of miles away from the battle, the Pope already knew the outcome. During a conversation with some of his Cardinals, he looked out the window and saw a vision of the Blessed Virgin Mary, who showed him the victory.

The Church has over 2,000 years experience fighting for the truth. We come from a long line of warriors and you are now a part of that lineage.

Bishop Sheen Rosaries are all made to be durable, so they all have a lifetime warranty. If you are praying with them enough to wear through them, I will replace it, no questions asked.

Specs -

  • Pardon Crucifix
  • Gunmetal steel beads
  • Red Paracord
  • 16" Length

Sheen Rosaries' Mission

Every single sale provides funding to our partner school in Uganda. These funds are equivalent to two weeks of food for one child at Mary Seat of Wisdom. Sometimes these funds go to food, sometimes to necessary repairs, and other times to help build new school rooms. We will periodically send out an email discussing where the money is going, so be sure to sign up for our email list to keep up with the school!