Catholic Combatant Rosary

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What does it mean to be a Catholic Warrior? It means that we do not bend to the winds of our culture.

Today our culture is broken, we can see that everywhere. It seems hopeless, but brothers there is always hope. It is not the time to give in, it is the time to fight.

The Church has over 2,000 years experience fighting for the truth. We come from a long line of warriors and you are now a part of that lineage.

Bishop Sheen Rosaries are all made to be durable. They have a lifetime warranty and are made with paracord. Our metal beads are all tough, and give a nice heft to the rosary, while our Olive Wood beads are all made in Bethlehem.

Every rosary sold on our website donates 21 meals to a school in Uganda! We started by helping build the school, and now that they have enough rooms the new goal is to provide every meal for the children throughout the week. With your help we will reach 300,000 meals given away a year.
This is our most popular rosary for a reason; there is something attractive about fighting the good fight. This rosary is a powerful tool in the fight for virtue!

Specs -

  • Pardon Crucifix
  • Gunmetal steel beads
  • Red Paracord
  • 16" Length