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Great end of the school year gifts for teachers or students!

Great sacrament gifts!

Great for parish fundraisers! 

We make custom rosaries tailored to your needs and quantities. Need to stock up for your store, shrine, or gift shop?  Bishop Sheen Rosaries offers two options: 

 Classic Order Custom Order
Choose from our 6 Classic Designs (+ new in 2021: "Carpenter" Year of St. Joseph Edition) Mix and match cord, beads, and crucifixes  (Optional: Centerpieces)
Fulfilled in 2-3 weeks Fulfilled in 3-4 weeks
Minimum of 10 Rosaries Minimum of 20 Rosaries
No Customization fee $50 Customization fee
Flexible ordering (pre-orders, web hosting, bulk order) Flexible ordering (pre-orders, web hosting, bulk order)
Each Rosary comes with a BSR stamped pouch Each Rosary comes with your custom logo stamped pouch 
Starting at $41.99 each Starting at $41.99 each

Rosaries retail for $41.99*

    • 10+ rosary discount: 25% off ($31.49/ea)
    • 25+ rosary discount: 30% off ($29.39/ea)
    • 50+ rosary discount: 35% off ($27.29/ea)
    • 100+ rosary discount: 40% off ($25.19/ea)
    • 250+ rosary discount: 45% off ($23.09/ea)
    • 500+ rosary discount: 50% off ($20.99/ea)

If you are ready to start your order, use the forms here: 

Classic Order (Our 6 Classic Designs)


Custom Order (Create Your Own)


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