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Bishop Sheen Rosaries

Captain of the Guard Rosary

Captain of the Guard Rosary

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This Rosary is inspired by the Pontifical Guard, who have this same shade of blue in their uniform. They were instrumental in keeping the Pope safe during the sack of Rome in 1527. It was named after the first Captain of the Swiss Guard, Captain Kasparvon Silenen. The nails crucifix reminds us we must go to great lengths to protect what is important.

Specs -

  • Made in America (Always Hand-made in USA)
  • Nails Crucifix
  • Antiqued Silver Beads
  • Royal Blue Paracord
  • 16" Length
  • Hand-Stamped Carrying Pouch

Bishop Sheen Rosaries are all made to be durable. They have a lifetime warranty and are made with paracord. Our metal beads are all tough, and giving a weighted feel to the Rosary, while our Olive Wood beads are imported from the Holy Land.

Sheen Rosaries' Mission

Every single sale provides funding to our partner school in Uganda. These funds are equivalent to two weeks of food for one child at Mary Seat of Wisdom. Sometimes these funds go to food, sometimes to necessary repairs, and other times to help build new school rooms. 

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